Cleaning consists of pruning to remove one or more of the following non-beneficial parts: dead, diseased, dying and broken branches.


Raising consists of pruning lower branches to provide vertical clearance. This practice is often performed to allow pedestrian clearance over sidewalks, for vehicle clearance above driveways and to allow light into the lower garden beds. It is important that following this method, the tree should typically appear with an even skirt (all lower branches remain balanced around the tree).


Reducing a tree consists of pruning to decrease height and/or spread of a trees canopy. At Peak Trees we often undertake this practice to maintain overall size and shape of a tree to ensure its aesthetic and structural longevity. We always take into consideration the clients preferences and will consider these, along with the trees adaptability whilst performing this method.

Thinning consists of selective pruning to reduce the density of live branches. If performed correctly, thinning should result in an even distribution of branches and foliage on individual branches. We will never remove more than 25% of a trees live crown in an annual growing season.


Espalier is the combination of pruning, supporting and training branches to orient a tree in one plane. Espalier can be formally or informally arranged and is usually supported on a wall, fence or trellis. The pattern can be simple or complex, but the cutting and training we have at Peak Trees is precise.


Pollarding is a training method in which tree branches are initially headed and then reduced on a regular basis without disturbing the callus knob. Usually, large growing deciduous trees are selected to make pollarded trees. The trees are held to a modest size to give them, and the landscape, a formal appearance. It is important to understand that pollarding is not topping trees.


Vista pruning is a common practice in arboriculture to allow a view point from a specified location within a property. This is a regular method of pruning in Vancouver to ensure that our clients have the optimum view possible across the city and over the Burrard Inlet to the North Shore mountains.